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When you put load on your electrical structure, do the lights start to flicker? Well, this is an indication of some serious issue in electrical wiring at your place. If the fuses installed in your old house are getting fused more than normal, or the circuit breaker is more active than that in the past, you should immediately contact the experts and should get your house wiring and circuit panel checked. At Go Smart Electric, we have years of experience with troubleshooting switches, appliances, wiring, plugs, and connections installed within your overall electrical structure.

Our team is professionally trained and follows a systematic approach to finding the exact problem. We spend more time in accurately diagnosing the issue than we spend in repairing it! We understand that every problem has a unique solution, and our team members are trained enough to deal with modern electrical problems. We visit your house with all the necessary equipment and tools which are required for a proper diagnosis. 

You can use 24 hours emergency service at Go Smart Electric and can reduce your stress while facing any kind of electric failure. Poor initial installation is one of the key reasons why most of the electric systems face breakdown. Our team will thoroughly inspect the components already installed at your place and will guide you about the necessary replacements to enjoy an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

Our services include but not limited to

Home Electrical troubleshooting

Commercial 3 Phase troubleshooting

Lighting Troubleshooting

Generator Hookups troubleshooting

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