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Electrical Installation

Plenty of time and money is spent in executing a successful new construction project. In addition to the complex civil work involved, electrical installation is also one of the essentials which you must not ignore. It must be done perfectly from the beginning and property owners must not compromise on the quality of electrical services. Hiring an experienced and professional electrical contractor is a must if you are looking for an outcome that fulfills the present and future electrical needs of the homeowners.

We at Go Smart Electric, understand the requirements of every project and provide our services to cater the individual needs. New construction projects require designing, materials, installations, and proper execution of the overall project. Our professionals are certified and have the expertise and technical know-how to manage a new project. A new project must be designed with three important considerations in mind: 

  • Electric wiring must be done to accommodate all the custom requirements
  • Wiring for appliances must be done after careful considerations
  • There must be a back-up system to manage the power failures 

No compromise should be made on the quality of electrical installations because a single mistake can lead to serious troubles. We keep safety, quality, and latest trends in mind when we take any project. Budget constraints are well-managed by our experienced staff members and we provide the best solution to every electrical problem faced by a new project. 

Electric service panels are installed during the construction phase and these panels are responsible for safe distribution of electricity in the entire building. A lot of breakers are installed in a residential or commercial project and proper distribution of electricity through these panels is important to avoid any melting of wires after excessive electrical use.

Our services include but not limited to

Installation of sockets & switches

Installation of outlets and dimmers

Lighting Installation

Electrical outlets install

Electrical boxes

Commercial lighting

Security lighting installation

Outdoor security lighting

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