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We have a solution for every weather need. It does not matter whether you are dealing with winters or summers, you can always have privileged electrical appliance installation from our technical staff right at your doorstep. We deal in all kinds of residential, commercial, and industrial services and we can help solve any kind of problem-related to electrical appliances. Ceiling fans are an important component of any household and commercial property for many reasons. These fans would not only help you consume less electricity as compared to air conditioners, but the modern fans also accommodate the lighting needs as most of the latest fans have preinstalled lights in them.

  • Installing the appliances
    Extreme weathers demand extreme solutions and in fall, you must keep your heaters ready to use. We at Go Smart Electric have a dedicated team of professionals for electrical appliance installation and service, and these guys are ready to install any type of heater and air conditioner at your place. Safety is our first priority, and our trained staff maintains high-quality standards throughout the service.


    Electrical appliance installation should always be done with care. Doing it on your own can be a solution only if you have the expertise to do that, otherwise, you must always take help from the experts! We will install surge protection in your house to protect it against sudden power surges. In addition to the regular appliances, we have years of experience in procuring, installing, and servicing other useful appliances too. 
  • Repairing the appliances
    If your appliances are malfunctioning, our team can help with that as well. After inspection of the faulty appliance, our electrician would guide you whether it is repairable or not.
Our services include but not limited to

Ceiling fan installation

Surge Protection

Smoke Detectors

Backup Power Supply/ Generator

Countertop outlets

Washer/dryer outlet

Range outlet

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